Insurance Women of San Antonio
General Assembly Meeting Minutes #828
Anne Marie’s@Devonshire Place

12475 Starcrest, San Antonio TX
Date: November 21, 2017


Meeting called to order by President Elect Lucy Martinez at 12:00 pm.


Sue Finke gave the invocation.


1st Vice President Kamie Clark announced our guests Andrew Skemp and Sarah Hansen  from Janicek Law Firm. Kamie also announced that the November birthdays were: Lavelle Brown, Melissa Velentzas, Kamie Clark, Marion Reeder and Karen Dayle-Van Buskirk. Gerloff Company sponsored the November birthday gifts.  


President April Massey was not in attendance, so Lucy Martinez announced that the October General Assembly minutes were posted on the IWSA website. There were no corrections to the minutes and will be filed as posted. The October Treasurer’s report was read at the November Board Meeting and has been filed subject to audit.


2nd Vice President, Lisa Bumpas stated $654.49 was raised at FIWT for the Fall Raffle. She is requesting liquor donations as we are very short and requested everyone to please continue selling the raffle tickets.  She remined everyone about the golf tournament on May 2nd 2018. She also thanked the Fall Fun Raffle Sponsors which are Billy Greaves Insurance Agency, Catto & Catto, Enterprise Rent A Car, Faucet Parts, Crown Capital Services, SWBC PEO Services and Service King. 

Community Service-Sam Lozano explained the upcoming event “Wrapin’ With Jack” or WWJ which is an annual gift wrapping event on Tuesday Dec. 5th 6-9 pm (or however long you want to stay) and this year it is being held at Six Flags Fiesta Texas -Sangerfest Halle.  (There is no entry fee) This project supports the SA Family Service Association. Gifts were collected at the luncheon and will be delivered by Sam to the event. Flyers were made available on the table with the details. Sam mentioned that the WWJ event will be catered by Magnolia Pancake House and there will be Christmas Carols and music and they will also be raffling off a  Spa Day for those that attend.  Please let her know if you will be attending and if you will be bringing someone.   Sam also announced another IWSA community service benefit “Pound Down Diabetes” benefitting the American Diabetes Association and collected $47 at the luncheon. The goal is to raise at least 5 pounds of U.S. bills which would net you $2,270 for or local organization. Flyers with the details were provided at the tables.   

Convention Advisor – Sue Finke stated that the 73rd Annual FIWT Convention was a success and that we had many compliments.  There were 16 members of IWSA who attended convention and they were a great help as the host club. There was a total of 127 people registered and 125 actually attended. She spent $1281.03 of the $1500 budget. She donated the last 20 bottles of Vodka left over from the installation night to Lisa for the liquor wagon and is refunding the unused $60 cash for tips plus refunds for unused water and snacks that were returned to the store for a total refund of $74.76 back to IWSA.  She stated the 16 red aprons have been passed onto Pat Villarreal for use at the mid-year Superhero themed 2018 convention in San Antonio.  The FIWT Golf Tournament run by Deni was a great success and we had beautiful weather. 74 golfers and a profit of $10,483 was made.  Sue announced that she was installed as Recording Secretary of FIWT.  Sue stated that 16 members of IWSA attended convention and of those 3 were first timers: Ana Tomes, Lucy Martinez and Julia Elizondo. The first timers played a “Getting to Know You” game and Lucy won the raffle prize for that game.  Other members who won door prizes were Kamie and Sue who won trade show vendor gifts. Angie, Susie and Liz each won door prizes.

The 18 FIWT Past Presidents in attendance at convention were presented with “blingy” diamond bracelets from IWSA. They were happy and pleased with their gifts. 

Entertainment, Jennifer McCarter, was not in attendance, Lucy Martinez announced the Holiday Luncheon will he held Friday December 8th at the Airport Hilton from 11:30-2:00 and to please RSVP asap. There will be vendors with tables set up for some holiday shopping. Flyers were provided at the table with the details.

Parliamentarian, Shelley Hine, stated that we were in order.

Susie Hollingsworth introduced our guest speaker Andrew Skemp of Janicek Law to talk about “An Attorney’s Perspective on Personal Injury”

The Community Service Raffle tickets were sold for $1 each or 6 for $5 at the luncheon. Community Service Raffle proceeds of $62 will go toward community service funds. Raffle prizes were sponsored by Sue Finke.

Door Prizes were sponsored by Enterprise Rental Car, Faucet Parts, McClelland and Hine and Gerloff Company

Hearing nothing further, meeting was adjourned by Lucy Martinez, President Elect at: 12:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted,
Kenna Rickett
IWSA Recording Secretary 2017/2018


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