Insurance Women of San Antonio
General Assembly Meeting Minutes
Anne Marie’s@Devonshire Place

Celebration Room

12475 Starcrest, San Antonio TX
Date: May 24, 2018


Meeting called to order by President April Massey at 12:00 pm.


Tammy Esquivel gave the invocation.


President Elect, Lucy Martinez announced our special guests , the scholarship winners.  She recognized each recipient and thanked their families for attending. May birthdays are Louise Sutherland and Ashley Patkowski and the gifts were sponsored by Accident Fund.


President April Massey announced that Susie Hollingsworth will be standing in as Parliamentarian today. She announced that the April General Assembly minutes were posted on the IWSA website. There were no corrections to the minutes and they will be filed as posted. The April Treasurer’s report was read at the May Board meeting and has been filed subject to audit.


2nd Vice President, Lisa Bumpas announced that the Spring Golf Tournament held on May 2nd at TPC San Antonio was a huge success! We had 80 golfers and made $15,115.18.  She thanked everyone that came out and supported IWSA and thanked all the sponsors that made the event possible.

President April Massey thanked Lisa for doing such a great job on the Golf Tournament! April stated that since we had such wonderful results from the Golf Tournament fundraiser, that we now had a decision to make.  Our scholarship budget for the year is $5000 and the scholarship committee would like to go over the budget by $5000 to increase it to $10,000.  IWSA bylaws require a general assembly membership vote for anything over $250 over the budget. Lisa Bumpass made a motion to increase the scholarship budget to $10,000. There was a 2nd motion from the floor and no discussion was made so therefore the increase to $10,000 was approved.

Pat Villarreal stated any changes to standing rules must be presented to the General Assembly and she was proposing changes to standing rule #6 to increase active and active associate’s dues to $55. She stated that an increase of FIWT Membership Association dues have steadily increased and increasing our Membership Dues will enable us to keep up.  A motion was made to approve the change and it was also 2nd by a member on the floor to approve the increase effective 6-1-2018.

President elect, Lucy Martinez thanked everyone on the scholarship committee.  She read biographies on each of the recipients and wished them all the best in their future endeavors. Group and individual pictures were taken.

Community Service, Kamie Clark stated we raised $873.73 for ADA and $98 today.  She announced that next Thursday May 30th, is the Woodrow Wilson school event, and if you want to help out meet at 1:15pm. Email Kamie for more info.

Entertainment, Jennifer McCarter referred to flyers on each table for the Installation Luncheon coming up on 6-21-18 at SFSH.

Parliamentarian, Shelley Hine, not in attendance. Susie Hollingsworth acting on her behalf stated that we were in order.

President April Massey provided her Final Report and recognition of officers and committee chairmen.  Lucy Martinez made a motion to accept her final report. There was a 2nd.  April’s Final Report gave an overview of what was accomplished the past year and provided a gift to each board member.  A group picture was taken. Lucy Martinez presented a gift to April Massey.

There was no Unfinished Business.

New Business, President April Massey presented the nominations for officers for the 2018/2019 term:
Treasurer: Angie Cash
Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Bumpas
Recording Secretary: Kenna Rickett
2nd VP/ Finance Ana Tomes
1st VP/ Membership- Sue Finke
President Elect; Kamie Clark
And current President Elect, Lucy Martinez automatically moves to the office of the President.

April asked if there were any nominations from the floor and hearing none she declared the nominations closed and stated we can vote on the slate by acclamation.  Sue Finke made the motion that we accept the slate of officers as presented by the nominating committee. There was a 2nd and the officers were elected for the 2018/2019 term. A group picture of the new officers was taken.


The Community Service Raffle tickets were sold for $1 each or 6 for $5 at the luncheon. Community Service Raffle proceeds of $98 will go toward community service funds, which is the ADA. Raffle prizes were sponsored by Sue Finke.

Door Prizes were sponsored by Accident Fund & Penn America Group.

Hearing nothing further, meeting was adjourned by April Massey at 1:09 pm.


Respectfully submitted,
Kenna Rickett
IWSA Recording Secretary 2017/2018


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