Insurance Women of San Antonio
General Assembly Meeting Minutes
Anne Marie’s@Devonshire Place

Celebration Room

12475 Starcrest, San Antonio TX
Date: August 23, 2018


The meeting was called to order by President Lucy Martinez at: 12:00 pm.


Chaplain- Cheryl Ramirez gave the invocation. She also talked about the IWSA membership mailers and will finalize and have to hand out at the next meeting.

Corresponding Secretary- Lisa Bumpas announced Luncheon Sponsor: Accident Fund-Mrytha Castillo


1st Vice President – Sue Finke announced our guests and birthdays:

Jennifer Scroggins - SLEW
Sarah Barton - CPG Strategy
Bonnie Jimenez - MHI

June Birthdays were sponsored by Lavelle Brown from Wahve

Dana Patkowski 6-Jun
Cynthia Gonzales 9-Jun
Reagan Harris 10-Jun
Shelley Hine 12-Jun

July and August Birthdays were sponsored by Enterprise Rent A Car and Service King

Liz Dunn 18-Jul
Patricia Villarreal 20-Jul
Lisa Bielefeld 27-Jul
Lucy Martinez 28-Jul
Lorena Romero 28-Jul
Sue Finke 29-Jul
Mary Ellen Penwell 30-Jul

Liz Glover 4-Aug
Myrtha Castillo 5-Aug
Shirley Heskew 6-Aug
Lorrie Cheshier 7-Aug
Jennifer McCarter 9-Aug
Traci Moten 10-Aug
Angie Cash 11-Aug
Rosa Maria Zegarra 23-Aug


President Elect – Kamie Clark gave an update on potential CE Classes:  She is working on an “on location site” with Serve Pro Restoration,  2 hour Active Shooter presentation at Myron Steves and  another in January with TCLA. More details to come.

President, Lucy Martinez- Stated the May General Assembly minutes were posted on the IWSA website. There were no corrections and the minutes will be filed as posted.

There was no General Assembly in June or July so there are no minutes to review or post for June or July

The May Treasurer’s report was read at the June Board meeting and has been filed subject to audit. The June and July Treasurer’s reports were read at the July and August Board meeting and have been filed subject to audit.

COMMUNITY SERVICE RAFFLE: Raffle for SLEW, Community Service, Hat giveaways

Community Service Raffle proceeds of $76 will go toward Community Service Funds.
Raffle prize were sponsored by: Enterprise Rent A Car

1st Vice President- Sue Finke provided a Membership update. She also introduced our new members and held a raffle for both renewal and new members. Our winners were Karla Pair and Liz Glover. They each received a $50 gift card.

Elizabeth Glover- Whitaker- Returning former member
Mary Ellen Penwell- Retired- Returning former member
Myrtha Castillo- Accident Fund- Returning former member
Joyce Wright- Fitzgerald Claims Consultants- Returning former member
Lorena Romero- Enterprise Rent A Car
Teresa Montez- Enterprise Rent A Car
Rosa Maria Zegarra- Enterprise Rent A Car
Traci Moten- Texas Med Clinic
MaryLynn Lurz- Corporate Protection Group, Inc.
Sue announced there will be a new member drawing for September also.

Past President -April Massey discussed the upcoming speakers and the Lean In Discussions. What is Lean In?
It’s an organization to help empower women to achieve their ambitions.

They do this in 3 ways
1. Lean In Circles
2. Public Awareness
3. Education

We are going to tap into the education area with video series, discussions and talks to build skills to support our careers. These include Leadership, Negotiation strategies, mentoring and several others.

So to go alone with our Madam President’s theme of “Find Joy in Your Journey” Our 1 st encounter will be at the Sept Luncheon-A video talk by Shonda Rhimes “My Year of Saying Yes to Everything” Find your best self by saying yes-She will share with us how she rediscovered joy in what matters to her most.

Also, we will have Mr. Williams here to speak to us about an Active Shooter Situation. We are also hoping to have Jan Kearbey w/Service Lloyds as a guest


Community Service- Julia Elizondo Discussed the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School supply drive; we are currently taking needed school supplies and she announced that SLEW will be our charity for the year.

Convention Advisor – Susie Hollingsworth announced the drawing for Annual FIWT Convention registration fee of $170 for first timers. Deadline is 9/7. Dates of the convention October 18-21, 2018 at Embassy Suites in San Marcos. Deadline for early bird registration is Sept 21 and pricing increases after that. She announced that there are many opportunities for Education (CE and NON CE) fun, fellowship, networking. There’s a trade fair, golf tournament, meetings. We are proud to support our own Sue Finke as an FIWT officer!! All info is at or email Susie with questions. IWSA will provide the Past Presidents gifts like we do every year. FIWT under 40 is doing a clothing suit drive for Dress For Success.

Budget/Audit- Liz Dunn presented the proposed budget for approval and all were in favor. Budget passed.

By-Laws – Pat Villarreal presented the following bylaw changes. All were passed.

Changes to By Law- Article III- Officers
Changes to By Law- Article IX- Quorum-
Changes to By Law- Housekeeping

Parliamentarian – Jean Schriever stated that we were in order.

Julia Elizondo introduced our guest from SLEW (Support Lending Emotional Wellbeing ) Gloria Delgado, Board Vice Chair


ANY NEW BUSINESS: IWSA sends four delegates to the FIWT convention. President and President Elect are automatic delegates. Nominations from the floor were Shirley Heskew and Jean Schriever to serve as additional delegates. Both were approved. Delegates will go to convention uninstructed.

Prizes for Best Hat: Marion Reeder, Pat Villarreal and Cheryl Ramirez presented (3) $25 Gift Cards to the winners for best hat. Lisa Bumpas, Jennifer McCarter and Sue Finke were the winners.

DOOR PRIZES: Door prizes were sponsored by: Enterprise Rent A Car, Myrtha Castillo from Accident Fund and Lavelle Brown from Wahve

ANNOUNCEMENTS: There was none.

Meeting adjourned by Lucy Martinez President at: 12:52 pm.


Respectfully submitted,
Kenna Rickett
IWSA Recording Secretary 2017/2018


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